domingo, 17 de febrero de 2008

Bestial Kite Surf in Can Pastilla


Trainingkites for beginer: Taster

Flysurfer Dope 49€ for 3 days including one hour training. For every following day 10€

(security 150€)


Flysurfer Cool2 for 3 days + harness + 3h kitelessons just 190€ (security 350)

Give us a call to make an apointment 0034 605196629


Kites for beginners to practise.

For savetyreasons we just rent to two persons to practise togehter.

Pulse 5 qm + 2 harnesses for 3h 30€ each person

Pulse 10qm + 2 harnesses for 3h 40€ each person

Pulse 13qm +2 harnesses for 3h 50€ each person

The kiteinstructor decides if the conditions ars suitable to practise on your owen.

The Kite has to be returned dry and packed - otherwise the fee of an aditional 25€ will be charged.

We usually just rent Kites under supervision.

To take a kite with you we charge a deposit of value of the Kite.

We discount the price for the rental if you buy the equipment.


Rent a Board:

50€ for 5 days / 6 days 60€ / 2 weeks 100€ (deposit 500€)

If you buy a board we discount the price for the rental.

Delivery to many European countries is included in the price 639€

Reservation and prepayment are necesarry.

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