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El Arenal - Mallorca - Playa de Palma

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El Arenal (S'Arenal) lies at the east end of popular Playa de Palma. The
district is an old fisherman's village that grew exobitantly during the
first years of mass tourism in Mallorca. Although not much is left of those
more romantic years, it's still worth visiting the less known streets
uphill, just a few minutes walking distance from the beach.
A good starting point is the promenade next to the beach, where now and then
events are being hosted. When you reach the dry river bed made of concrete,
take a look right and left. You'll notice that there are huge differences in
the road surfacing and street lights, for example. That's because the river
is the frontier between the municipalities of Palma and Llucmayor.
Keep on walking alongside the riverbed until you reach the second bridge and
take a right turn; in that street you can still find some of the old houses.
At the second intersection, take another right towards the beach and keep
walking downhill until you reach the town square, so old it is almost once
again fashionable.
Cross the square and on the other side take a left and walk once again
uphill. The street is quite steep, but about halfways up, on the left side,
there's a small church where you can rest for a moment. From the top of the
hill you have a wonderful view of the bay and nearby there is another set of
old fisherman's houses with a huge pine forest behind. Every Thursday
morning there's a market with fresh products, etc. on the square.
At the other end of the square there's a shopping mall, re-known more for
its modern design than the shops inside, and a small park with benches.
Uphill in about 10 - 15 minutes you can reach the fantastic water park
Aqualand Arenal. Downhill the street takes you back to the beach. About
halfways down the hill, switch to the steep main street on the left-hand
side and take advantage of the view.
Keep on walking downhill until you reach the lively promenade and elegant
yacht club with sailing school. Although the club is not public, keep on
going in that direction. Past the main entrance to the yacht club, on the
left hand, there's a passage to a residential area with villas and a less
known and crowded beach.
Playa de Palma is about to be completely modernized. What would you like to
change or leave as it is?

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